Trailmaster Dehydrator Kit 500W


This Dehydao has 500 was of dyig powe ad omes wih a hemosa ha is adjusabe fom 95F o 155F. No ay oaio equied wih Paeed Covega-Fow dyig aio. Make you ow beef jeky o ai saks, gea fo hues, ampes ad bakpakes.Feaues – 4 Tays, expadabe o 12 ays (wih LT-2GP sod sepeaey) – 2 Fui Ro-Up Shees – 2 Cea-A-Sees – 39 Page Isuio/Reipe Booke – New Lage Jeky Gu wih 3 Tips (Gu hods 1 B of goud mea) – 2 Jeky Spie & Cue Paksmaufaue o FD-62BJXba ode 029517102021maufaue Ope Couyshippig dimesios weigh 8.6 dimesioa weigh 11.75 (w) x13.75 (h) x13.5 (d)