Nespresso Original Line Inissia C40 White Espresso Maker with Bonus 50 Capsule Storage Drawer

Features Inissia machine and storage drawer
White body
24 ounce water tank


Indulge in a rich cup of coffee house style lungo or espresso with this programmable Nespresso Original Line Inissia espresso maker. The compact white housing is designed with warm, curved shapes to match any interior decor. This lightweight, innovative machine is dual button operated with an auto volume control feature to brew the perfect amount on either the lungo or espresso settings with high-pressure (19-bar) extraction technology. With a quick 25 second heat up time, fresh, premium-quality coffee contained in the Nespresso capsules is gently extracted to release an array of intense aromas topped with a perfect crema, every time. The 24 ounce water tank makes it convenient for making multiple drinks back to back, while the folding drip tray makes the Inissia easy to clean and adjust so tall and short mugs can be used. Dispose of spent Nespresso capsules by pulling the ergonomic handle to release each into the used capsule container which has a 10 capsule capacity. To conserve energy, the Inissia will automatically shut off after nine minutes of inactivity. Promising satisfaction, the Nespresso Inissia is backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty. As an added bonus, you will receive a Mind Reader capsule storage drawer. This black pull out drawer is design to hold up to 50 of your favorite OriginalLine capsules and can be placed under your Nespresso machine to eliminate counter clutter. Designed with a patented heat-resistant panel, you never have to worry about it sagging or compressing the capsules inside.

Machine — 12-3/5” L x 4-7/10” W x 9” H; Storage drawer — 15-1/4″ L x 9″ W x 2-1/5″ H
Features Inissia machine and storage drawer
White body
24 ounce water tank
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules
Thermoblock heating element for quality brewing and frothing

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