Kalita: Coffee Dripper [buying] set Kalita coffee Standard Set


Kalita: Coffee Dripper [buying] set Kalita coffee Standard Set

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Hand drip If you want to drink a delicious regular coffee
Kalita Amazon.co.jp Limited Coffee Standard Set
Coffee introductory hand drip coffee set that is appropriate for those who want to drink at home a regular coffee.
It is possible to employ a dripper splinterless of plastic, drink coffee delicious easily
The more delicious high-quality filter
Kalita Amazon.co.jp Limited Coffee Standard Set
Adopt high-quality coffee filters that pass the quality inspection and filtration rate of coffee, such as chuck strength, a high level of.
Taste of coffee Niaji also a little bit also changes in the coffee filter

Size: 87mm Height dripper / about width 125 × depth 105 × (including handle portion), 116mm height 159 × depth 87 × server / width (to the server lid top), 102mm height 235 × depth 45 × filter / width (Fukurosun)
Body weight: dripper / 100g, server / 305g, filter / 122g (1 bag)
Material Material: dripper] PP (polypropylene) resin, [server] body / heat-resistant glass, handle, lid Band / PP resin (polypropylene), [filter] 100% softwood pulp, polypropylene (packaging material)
Country of origin: dripper filter] Japan, [server] glass / Thailand, lid handle Band / Japan
One major cup ×: Accessories
The set includes: one plastic coffee dripper ×, 1 one server ×, 200 × sheets coffee filter
Server capacity: 500ml

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