Great Northern Commercial Quality 18 Hot Dog and 7 Roller Grilling Machine, 1400-Watt

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Stainless steel
1-year limited warranty
Commercial quality

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4078 GNP Hotdog 7 Roller Machine The Great Northern Popcorn Company has created a masterpiece with their -inch Top Dawg-inch Professional Hot Dog Machine. This is not a cheap knock off, it is the original machine and carries the Great Northern Popcorn Companies 1 year limited warranty. Get ready to make plump, juicy, hot dogs without the fizzle factor . Now you can make mouth-watering rotisserie style ballpark hot dogs in your home or business. You will be able to grill your own ball park franks, Dodger Dogs, Philly Franks, or any other of your favorite stadium dogs. For you Green Bay Packer fans, these do wonders on Milwaukee s finest sausages. Features: -Grilling machine. -Material: Stainless steel. -Slow rolling grill. -7 Premium grade non-stick stainless steel rollers. -Heavy duty motor and safety temperature control. -Dual temperature controls: you can roast/cook on the front rollers while you keep the batch on the real rollers warm. -Built-in fuse for safety purposes. -Skid proof rubber feet for tabletop use. -Easy to use with front on-off switch. -Heat up and keep warm control modes. -Full roller rotation. -Not partial like some of the cheap imitations. -Removable and easy to clean stainless steel drip tray. -Perfect for commercial or home use. -Design makes it safe and easy to clean. -CE Approved. -1 year limited warranty. Specifications: -110V/50Hz. -Power: 1400-watt. -Maximum capacity: 18 hot dogs per batch (6 rows of 3). -Tray dimensions: 11-inch W by 17.75-inch D. -Overall dimensions: 23-inch H by 13-inch W by 15-inch D.



Before using your hot dog cooker for the first time, apply a vegetable oil such as sunflower oil or canola oil to the ends of your rollers. This will help to keep them turning smoothly and easily.

Avoid using non-stick sprays because these can contain lecithin, which will cause an eventual buildup on your rollers.

To use your machine:

1. Turn the Power switch to ON.

2. Use the temperature control dials to the desired settings. To cook product more rapidly, turn the temperature dials to their highest settings, or in a clockwise direction. To cook more slowly, or to hold already cooked product on a warm setting, adjust the temperature dial down, or in a counter-clockwise direction.


Your DAWG series cooker’s separate temperature dials control the heat settings for different sets of rollers. The Front dial controls all rollers (number of rollers will vary with model), while the

Back dial controls the last 3 rollers of your cooker. This allows you to cook some hot dogs more quickly, while holding more cooked product at a lower warming temperature. Model 4095 has a dial control which affects all 5 rollers.

In addition, the green heating indicator lights marked “Heating” will be lit when the rollers are actively being heated; when they have reached the temperature set by the temperature dials, the light will go out. Increasing the temperature setting for a group of rollers will cause the indicator light to go on and when the new temperature is reached the light will extinguish to let you know that the new setting is reached.


Rollers will be hot. Use care when cleaning, adding product or serving product!

Stainless steel
1-year limited warranty
Commercial quality
Slow rolling grill. Perfect for commerical or home use
Kindly refer the user Manual under the product details field for the set up and operational related issued. Kindly refer page number 4 and 5 for more details.