Generic Rice Cooker with Big View Window

14 Super Multi Functions
IMD Function Board
Beautiful Orange Color


Enjoy easy home cooking with Rongma Multi-cooking function rice cooker, you will find the fun of cooking. It will help you to cook many tasty foods simply and can save your time and money!

You can choose from precise cooking, fast cooking, small-quantity rice cooking, porridge, stewing small pot rice, reheating, soup, steaming, and soaked rice, according to different rice species. It controls the cooking process independently. The pot can cook a variety of cup sizes to meet your varying rice needs.

It would be your best choice of cooking!


* Stainless steel body structure:430 stainless steel housing,201 stainless steel decorating top,plated decorating part of steam outlet,plated lid opening button.

* Luxury appearance:Super big steam outlet,IMD function board,Orange/Green/Blue background LCD display.

* With big view window.

* Intelegent Motouch touching control technology.

* 14 super multi functions:Cook, Congee/Soup, Steam, Stew, Pasta, Pizza, Bake,Disinfect, Preset Cooking, Cooking time adjusting, nutritious Warm keeping etc.

* Detachable inner lid:convenient for cleaning.

* 1.8mm with Handle inner pot,double side coating,honeycomb patterned bottom,Fine turing edge.

* 24 hours Preset cooking.

* 24 hours long time warm keeping,without 3D keep warm.

* 220V,50Hz,860W

14 Super Multi Functions
IMD Function Board
Beautiful Orange Color

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