General GPG20M Panini Grill Ribbed Plates & Smooth Plates

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General Food Service company was created through the vision of the Harry Wiener family, who in the 1940’s created the General Slicing Machine Co. The company, based in Brooklyn, NY, immediately became known for their hand operated slicers and hand crank meat grinders. These products became the foundation of the company’s sales, with large retailers like Sears Roebuck & Co. and Montgomery Ward Co. featuring General heavily in their catalogs. With a name you have known and trusted since 1955, General features a variety of high quality mixers, slicers, meat processing equipment, vegetable and bowl cutters, coffee, tea, heating, and cooking equipment to meet all of your needs. General Panini sandwich grills offer great versatility for all types of sandwich heating and are equipped with enough power to cook chicken breasts, burgers, boneless steaks & chops. Compact and easy to clean, the General Panini grills will accommodate up to a 4 thickness. The unit features stainless steel construction as well as cast iron plates with a ceramic coating treatment that allows for perfect thermal conductivity. The self balancing upper plates ensures full contact with the product and the adjustable thermostats up to 572 deg F (300 deg C) give you complete control. Application Ideal for use in sandwich shops, delis, schools, catering service locations, and more! Will grill a variety of food products, including burgers, chicken breasts, boneless steaks, and chops. Features All cast iron plates include ceramic coating, which resists scratching and is acid and salt resistant, as well as non-rusting. Stainless steel 430 construction. All units include a removable grease tray.”