FOCUS ELECTRICS Stir Crazy Theater Popper, 2.5 oz. / 82512 /

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West Bend 2.5-oz. Heating Kettle with motorized stir rod Kettle pops up to 2.5-oz. corn, approximately 1/3 cup per batch, – 1 gallon of popcorn or 8 cups of popcorn per batch. Heating Kettle disassembles for cleaning Hinged Front Door Kettle is removable for easy cleanup. Stainless Steel construction provides durable life and easy cleaning. Removable for easy cleaning. Fully assembled Clear Cabinet Cabinet is made of easy to clean plastic sidewalls and is resistant to oils and greases. See through feature provides fun popcorn popping experience. Cabinet holds up to 1.5 gallons of freshly popped popcorn. On/Off switch with light Cabinet light is on for popping. Turning the popper off will also turn the light off so it won’t disturb your movie viewing atmosphere! Includes removable serving tray and two measuring cups for perfect popped results. 1 Year; 300 watts