Fetco Coffee Extractor Brewing System Cbs-2042E


Our 1 gallon CBS-2042e twin coffee brewer makes great-tasting coffee with the touch of a button. This unit comes complete with our patented Cascading Spray Dome(tm), which helps deliver a consistent, perfectly balanced cup of coffee every time. You can brew directly into our self-serve LUXUS(r) Thermal Dispensers and serve hot, fresh, aromatic coffee for hours. Shown with the 1.0 Gallon LUXUS(r) Thermal Dispenser (L3D-10). The 1.0 Gallon LUXUS(r) Thermal Server (L35-10) is also available and both are sold separately. Brewer can be used with: L3S-10, L3D-10 Cascading Spray Dome(tm) technology ensures perfect extraction of coffee flavor. Pulse-Brew System delivers intermittent pulses of water to ensure even saturation of the coffee bed for enhanced extraction. Digital Interface makes it easy to program and run brewer. Settings can be customized to your recipe. Pre-Wet Cycle allows you to control the length of time water is in contact with the coffee before the brew cycle to ensure optimum flavor. Bypass Feature redirects water directly into the dispenser, bypassing the coffee grounds in the brew basket, to provide your custom water-to-coffee ratio. Brew Time & Brew Volume can be programmed separately to ensure a perfectly-balanced batch, no matter how much coffee you brew at once. Drip Delay lets you set the time between the end of the brew cycle and the unlocking of the brew basket, for increased safety.

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