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ECM’s Elektronika II Profi Switchable is an automatic heat-exchange espresso machine with four pre-programmed volumetric brew buttons.
ECM has wrapped the Elektronika in highly polished and curved stainless steel. The result is a gorgeous exterior that communicates both the elegance and durability of its design.
Further contributing to silent brewing is the rotary pump. A coveted feature on home machines, rotary pumps are known not only for being much quieter than vibration pumps but also for allowing you to plumb your machine directly into a water line. Should you opt out of plumbing your machine, the Elektronika alternatively has an ample 3 liter water reservoir. To prevent the boiler from running dry, the reservoir is fitted with a reed contact for automatic shut-off in the event of low volume.
The boiler is 2.1 liter capacity and is made out stainless steel and wrapped in thermal insulation. As a heat exchange machine, the Elektronika has the ability to brew and steam simultaneously; As an automatic machine you can program the brew buttons dispense your preferred volume of espresso with just one push. Included with each machine are two of ECM’s weight balanced, chrome plated brass portafilters (1 single and 1 double spout), two filter baskets (1 single and 1 double shot), and a blind filter basket for backflushing.
The steam wand uses a standard two-hole commercial style steam tip and has been insulated to help prevent burns.
Finishing touches that round out the machine include the front mounted dual pressure gauges that monitor the pressure of both the boiler and the pump, the high quality redesigned feet, the high capacity drip tray, and the use copper plumbing over materials like teflon or other plastics. ECM’s Elektronika II Profi Switchable sets a very high standard as far as automatic espresso machines are concerned and once again proves their commitment to diligent manufacturing and innovative design.

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