Delonghi drip coffee maker Peppercorn CMB6-BK

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◆ excellent durability and robustness. This is the model with the luxury and durability in the adoption of the metal body. ◆ perform the “extraction” of coffee a “warm” in separate heater is adopted “dual heating system”. This is realized warm temperature and ideal extraction temperature (about 94 ℃). ◆ Adopt PTC heater with a self temperature control function to keep warm plate. Set the coffee temperature at the time kept at 80 ℃, and this will make it harder Nitsumari. PTC heater is rated heating element with a self temperature control function, to maintain a constant temperature of heat insulation plate about. ◆ paperless filter adoption. Wash repeatedly standard adopted paperless filter that can be used. It is economical eco. ◆ shower drip function. In nine of the incoming hot water shower like that out than the hole, so that you can pour the hot water evenly to coffee powder as hand drip. ◆ with drip stop mechanism. Coffee does not leak from the dripper even remove the glass jug during the extraction. ◆ up-and-coming designer Darren Mullen Mr. design. ◆ You can put a cup of coffee in the other functions and body the top of the cup rack. Glass jug of soft grip is not a stable hold a sense of the realization and swing basket method, scale / ■ Specifications ■ Color in the tank that the structure and water injection amount of opening and closing the top cover can be seen at a glance: peppercorn (black) capacity: 0.78L (standard: about 6 cups) body size: width 17 × depth 26 × height 29.5cm weight: about 3.0kg (including glass jug) Power Consumption: 1100W accessories: measuring spoon, paperless filter. Actual coffee amount is extracted from the tank maximum water 780cc is about 725cc.

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