Cuisinart Little Pro Plus Food Processor LPP-2JW

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If it is not a state in which the body and work the ball, the contact of the two locations of the cover has been completely set, 2-stage safety structure that the switch does not turn on. ● household food processor of just the right size to 2-3 people family. Capacity small but 1.0 liters and enough. Use the two basic parts of, and chop, mix, work of mince can be easily and quickly. On top to fill also work to knead the dough easier, very quiet sound. Moreover, does not impair the material of flavor so difficult to hold the heat. ● 2-stage safety structure which two places is not if not turn the switch has not been completely set. Poly Kaaba Nate made of the body that is also used in passenger aircraft is light, durable, and resistant to shock. After that can the bread dough and pizza dough is also easy, and easy to wash without non-stick dough to work the ball so I’ll knead until the dough is settled. Acceleration of food because the middle is visible I can see in the eyes. Subtle adjustment at will easily with lever operation. (Makiko Nakamura)

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