Ascaso Steel SUBFTBR2 Uno Professional PID Version 2 Espresso Machine


Ascaso Steel UNO Professional PID V2 Espresso MachineAbout the Ascaso Steel UNO Professional PID V2 Espresso machineSimilar in appearance and styling to the Ascaso Steel UNO but with one major change, this machine features a beautiful brushed stainless steel finished body over a black enamel painted steel frame to ensure sturdiness and long-lasting functionality of your machine. The water reservoir is removable to allow you to fill it without worrying about the safety of the internal components in the machine. A nickel-plated brass boiler has a large capacity and is designed to heat quickly and efficiently giving you hardly any wait time between brewing and steaming. This brass boiler is located directly over the all-brass grouphead for superior temperature stability compared to boilers that are offset from the group head. The portafilter is made from high quality brass and coated with chrome to ensure a long lifespan, it also features a sturdy and reliable black plastic handle. One of the biggest differences between this machine and it’s sister machine (the UNO professional) is the inclusion of a PID system to help you control brew temperature parameters very closely. This special system allows you to program the temperature of the boiler to fine tune your machine to the needs of the particular coffee being brewed. This special PID system will function even if the machine is turned off and can be switched back and forth easily between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. Underneath the machine there is a special slide out drip tray for easy cleaning and it features a beautiful brushed stainless steel accent. Operation of this machine is simple with four selector switches on the front: power, extraction, hot water, and steam mode and the vent located on the rear of the machine allows heat to escape without damaging internal components. Simple blue indicator lights make it easy to know when this machine is ready to extract or steam. The special three-way solenoid

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