Ankarsrum Original AKM 6220 Light Creme Stand Mixer


The Ankarsrum mixer includes:

• Instructional DVD

• Stainless steel bowl

• Cover

• Fluted “roller and scraper” tool for kneading bread dough

• Dough hook

• Poly beater bowl

• Whips

• Whisk

One of the fabulous features is the auto-off timer which allows you to set a number of minutes (I do my bread for 9 minutes), and walk away. The mixer kneads the dough, and then automatically clicks off, whereupon it is left to rest and rise. It takes me 5-10 minutes to dump the ingredients in and then set the auto-off timer. When I come back in a half hour or so, there is perfectly risen silky, elastic dough, just ready to form into loaves, scones, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls . . . whatever!

Why is this so much better than the other bread-mixers? Why doesn’t it need repair? Well, the design is amazing-an engineering masterpiece. An efficient, high-torque direct drive motor with all stainless steel working parts has power to mix and knead even the largest batch of heavy bread dough, even bagels, without straining. It sits firmly on solid rubber feet, and will not walk on the countertop during use. Because of its superior motor design, the Electrolux mixer only needs 600 watts of power to do what other mixers (rated up to 1400 watts) can do, without taxing its motor. It’s quiet too! Mixers are gear-driven, which can cause need for repairs. The Ankarsrum’s unique belt-drive mixer is a standout machine with great capabilities. In 25 years in business, this best-selling bread mixer has never disappointed!

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