[5.5] If cooked IH pressure rice cooker stainless ZOJIRUSHI NP-HN10-XA

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Size: Width 25 × depth 36 × height 20cm Body weight: 4.7kg
Material: aluminum, stainless steel, PP
Made in Japan

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[Product Specifications] Breakdown: external size (about): 25 × 36 × 20cm The lid opens when the height (about): 40cm Color: Stainless Body weight (approximately): 4.7kg [Product Details] “Zojirushi pressure IH (cook 5.5 Go) rice cooker extremely cook stainless NP-HN10-XA” is colorfully equipped with pressure IH rice cooker the ability to delicious rice. ● By adjusting the time for applying pressure, separate cooking the texture of the three types by changing the pressure and time in accordance with the menu. Can you cooked to match the texture of preference. ● “umami pressure steaming” featured to bring out the taste. By applying a pressure of 1.1 atm in steaming process, pull out the taste of rice by a high temperature to the center of the kettle. ● sweet component is up “aging cook” menu installed. Is immersed in time and over water, thoroughly and allowed to absorb water to the core, to promote the pregelatinized from rice of the core, to bring cook plump delicious. ● In “steam save” menu installed, I will reduce the amount of steam. ● is a “washable inner pig” in “in the flat vault” care Ease. ● raise cook while reducing power consumption “Eco-cooking” menu installed. ● character is easy to see “orange crisp LCD”. Notes ● If you are using a cardiac pacemaker, when you are using the IH rice cooker Please use after careful consultation with the specialist. ● IH rice cooker you will hear that around the cooling fan that Boone during cooking with strong firepower. In addition, you will hear of “Gee” to during and warm rice, but it is the sound that microcomputer is the firepower adjustment. Please use it with confidence because it does not indicate a malfunction. (. You around the fan even when you return to the warmth increased from lower heat insulation) Product Specifications ● cooking capacity (white rice): 0.09-1.0 (0.5-5.5 Go) L.
Size: Width 25 × depth 36 × height 20cm Body weight: 4.7kg
Material: aluminum, stainless steel, PP
Made in Japan
Power: 100V Power consumption: 138W
Warranty: 1 year

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