18″ Foot Pedal Operated Double Impulse Heat Sealer

$691.25 (as of August 21, 2019, 1:00 pm)

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Our 18″ double sealer is designed to seal heavy duty PE or PP material. While regular models of impulse sealers have a single heating element (usually located on the lower jaw), this machine has a heating element located on each jaw, providing impulse heat to each side of heavy materials simultaneously.The unit features a solid-state timer that controls the length of the heat time, which is determined by the thickness and type of material. The impulse heat is activated by depressing the foot pedal on the standalone, pedestal mount unit. An indicator light is lit during the heat cycle. The light goes out when heat time is finished. The operator should continue to hold the pedal down 1-2 seconds after the heat cycle to allow the bag to congeal.? Seals PE bags up to 10 mil thick.? Solid state timer adjusts from .3 second to 2.3 seconds to seal various thickness bags.? Provides airtight and waterproof seal.? Impulse sealer only uses power and gets hot when the jaw is depressed to seal a bag. Cools immediately after sealing.? Operates on 110 volt.? Both hands free to facilitate handling product and bag.? 5mm seal width.? 90 day warranty on labor and all parts except heating element, upper and lower Teflon. These are consumable parts which will wear out over time based on use.These ship as OS1 it is an oversized item.